Recovery Support Groups: A Necessity

Many people in long or short-term treatment recovery will significantly benefit by participating in support groups. DC Recovery is pleased to be one of the District’s peer operating centers with a recovery support group platform that has helped many participants fully recover to live normal lives again. Our peer coaches and social support professionals who help participants are most suitable for the role because they have overcome similar past experiences. The participants attend scheduled meetings to discuss challenges and support each other while on the road to full long-term recovery.

Here are some advantages of joining our Substance Use Disorder (SUD) support group:

  • We offer support for individuals who have completed formal treatment programs.
  • It is an organized, structured platform that defines a practical path to successfully overcome substance use disorder.
  • Each group session focuses on particular SUD-related problems.

DC Recovery’s support sessions are geared towards teaching participants self-help methods that work. The self-empowering guidelines integrated into the coaching and support program are evidence-based and offered to all participants for free.

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