To provide education and coaching to clients for sustained personal wellness, community wellness, and long-term recovery.

DC Recovery is a Peer Operated Center located in the District of Columbia. Our goal is to support individuals who have courageously decided to seek help for substance use addictions and related mental health problems. Our clients have taken an important step in deciding to stop using substances and we will be there every step of the way to guide them on the path to becoming free from addiction strongholds.

Our approach involves educating our clients on how to overcome challenges while on the road to recovery, how to exercise emotional control, and teach the positive actions and decisions that promote the strength needed to control one’s life.

On this site, you will learn what makes our mission possible and why we are successful in carrying forth this mission. It is not about DCRCA. It is about our clients who know that recovery from addictions is possible but simply cannot figure out the pathway to reach the long-term recovery goal. But know that it is also about you. For without your support, we cannot continue our much-desired focus to help DC residents overcome substance use disorders.

Therefore, click the Donate button below to contribute your generous support. Thank you in advance for also believing in us because…


We believe in healing. We believe in hope. We believe in grace.

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