A True Leader, Mark Lassiter

We are happy to have Mark on our team as our Director of Staff. Mark is a true leader whose proficiencies help to sustain the daily operations of the organization. He promotes an operating model within the organization that ensures financial stability and professional correspondence with the Board of Directors. In a unique way, he helps our team members perform at maximum capacity by applying his years of DC Government experience. Mark knows DC governance and provider policies which supports his goals of establishing a fair organizational system, defined team goals, and an effective performance monitoring and evaluation process.

Mark has a proven ability to foster relationships with grant and contract facilitators and organizations for behavioral health and substance use disorders. His vision and ability to develop these relationships lead to short-term “wins” and long-term solutions because Mark knows that people service people. Grant providers are not merely looking for a set of skills that matches the grant notice. Grant providers know that only a well-qualified organization can fulfill the necessary requirements needed for any community-based project to be successful and Mark brings this knowledge to DCRCA. Because after all, it is the people of the community who ultimately evaluate the program.

Mark Lassiter - Interim Executive Director-min
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