Recovery Coaching: Because we know what it takes.

The struggle with addiction is more complicated than we think. The victims are not only addicted to the substances, but they also have to contend with emotional issues and worsening habits. The multifaceted challenges and health issues victims experience make it necessary to talk to trained coaches before, during, and after treatment. The best coaches to speak to are the professionals who have had similar real-life experiences and have overcome the associated problems. DC Recovery has created a coaching platform that allows people in recovery programs to interact with trained coaches and learn how they overcame similar issues that threatened their full recovery and even their lives.

Our goal is to put more and more individuals on the path to achieving their goals and live better lives, free of addiction. That is why we offer many recovery coaching sessions to help the client identify new habits, perspectives, and goals to keep them focused on a bright future.

Our approach is different from formal therapy sessions and our approach leverages real-life experiences of support coaches. We provide non-clinical support, yet evidence-based to assist clients in coping well during recovery treatment while promoting long-term positive results after completing the treatment program.

A picture of a tree growing to represent recovery
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