I Trust You You must complete treatment for my sake. I depend on you. I rely on you. I love you and I know you love me. I am counting on it. We know this about you... Protect Me. To The Triple You have the three things needed to squash addiction. You use them every day. There is no question about it. You know. We know you have them... Threat to Addiction! What’s The past has no power over you unless you make it so. You are a survivor and survivors are relentless. You have what it takes to... Survivors like you do this... Holding You Back?

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    To help clients connect with treatment care providers.


    To help clients complete the treatment process.


    To help the families through recovery.


    …to provide personal, organizational, and community wellness through education to support long-term recovery.

    Training to Educate Starts Here

    At POCE, we do our homework so that we may offer the latest treatment and recovery information about substance use disorders (SUD). We offer training courses for one purpose only: to educate the DC communities on the dangers of opioids and other SUD-related illnesses.

    Peer Operated Center of Excellence

    Education and Awareness. The two are the catalysts for the daily operations at the Peer Operated Center of Excellence (POCE). Our seminars, workshops, and student resources are designed to educate and increase the awareness associated with opioid use disorders and its related stigma.

    The Best Coaches are Life Coaches

    DCRCA coaches are life coaches who know the importance of taking action. We know how hard you must fight against the stronghold of addiction because we have walked in your shoes. Many of our coaches teach at the POCE center because we can relate. We know the struggle and yet we are success stories.

    The Power of Recovery

    The recovery journey is more challenging if the client chooses to do it without a coach. Long-term recovery is achievable when you get help from professionals who have the experience in guiding clients through all phases of treatment. This is what we do at DCRCA – assess your current symptoms, experiences, and difficulties relating to addiction and provide the best coach and administrative team to be there with you every step of the way.

    Our Latest Community Events

    Our online and in-person community outreach events have an educational component designed to engage the residents. The needs of the residents provide the foundation for DCRCA to build the resources to fulfill those needs.


    It’s the right thing to do.

    Developing healthy communities. Developing well-informed communities. Developing engaged communities. These are some of the goals of DC Recovery’s outreach team. We know the importance of listening to the individual journeys within the DC community. We cannot do this alone. We work with the client’s community, their treatment plan providers, and their family members to help ensure that the client receives the best treatment and recovery services. We work hard to put the clients on the path toward creating positive attitudes and positive recovery outcomes.


    Outreach Coordinator: David

    David Mays, DC Recovery’s Outreach Coordinator is an enthusiastic, self-motivated leader who is determined to implement initiatives that increase mission awareness and engage the community. He uses his photography skills to help serve our outreach programs and the people in the DC communities. He is vital in supporting our team to develop a large-scale peer coaching program for the DC community and in developing ideas through photo to help achieve the organization’s goals of educating the community on substance use disorders and prevention.


    Outreach Coordinator: Brian

    Since Brian Person joined our outreach team, he has made a significant impact, leveraging his computer skills to promote DC Recovery’s community and fundraising programs. Brian is one of the outreach coordinators whose responsibility with the DC community and non-profit organizations is centered on improving the clients’ welfare. He helps to ensure that DC Recovery’s events are successful and engaging by assisting with press releases, marketing materials, event venue security, and recruiting third-party vendors and volunteers when necessary.









    Volunteering Leads to Purpose

    Fundraising for donations and volunteers are continuous efforts for DCRCA in order to provide the best recovery support services.

    Become a VOLUNTEER

    DCRCA is a hard-working organization dedicated to providing the support needed for clients to complete treatment for addiction and related mental illnesses. We need your talent, your strength, and your ideas to continue our mission. We do not give up on the community and pray that you believe in our mission enough to join us.

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