Women’s Self-Care

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Women’s Self-Care

This is an open platform to teach those who identify as women about self-care and tips to handle mental and emotional stress. We will cover how to be more intentional about protecting their physical health and mental and emotional well-being. Women, who understand how to practice self-care can avoid anxieties, experience less mood shifts, maintain healthy relationships, and overall treat themselves like queens.

The support group is all about empowering recovering women to become the best they can possibly be, using tested and trusted skills and tips to stay committed to their recovery goals.

The highlights of this group are:

  • Learning how to identify and avoid triggers that could compromise progress made with self-care techniques
  • Developing a long-term self-care routine
  • Addressing fears or worries about past habits or experiences
  • Building the confidence needed to protect self-interests in relationships
  • Learning emotional control and positive thinking to build self-value
  • Sharing recovery experiences, challenges, and worries with other women in a safe space where no participant is judged
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