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The 12-week anger management workshop is structured to help participants avoid mistakes that could compromise the progress made in their recovery journey.

During this workshop, the participants will learn the following;

  • How the inability to control anger will cause problems in an individual’s personal life and at work and how the anger can damage relationships, compelling the individual to use addictive substances.
  • How many people cannot handle the pain caused by rage. As a result, they consume illegal substances to deal with their strong emotions.
  • How the stresses and troubles of life’s challenges can promote the use of addictive substances. Our professional coaches help participants understand how thought patterns, assumptions, and beliefs could influence how they react in different situations.

Group discussions and exercises are also integrated with the program to teach the participants about stress management, coping tips, strategies for self-control, and emotional control. The participants learn about possible triggers that make them become uncontrollably angry. Identifying these triggers will help the individual to avoid tempting situations.

Every person has a different recovery path and therefore the same techniques for managing anger may not work for all. DC Recovery’s professional coaches help participants to identify coping methods most suitable for their problems. Overall, a mindset change is essential to help the individual stop bad habits and adopt new perspectives to help them have better emotional control. This is the goal of our workshops: to improve positive thinking.

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