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Men’s Self-Care

Recovering individuals who identify as men are all welcome to join this support group. This men’s group aims to help participants overcome trauma from emotional challenges. It is a safe space for all participants to express opinions, share survival stories, describe their challenges, and support each other. The group is coordinated by trained Peer Specialists and Recovery Coaches who educate participants about tips and coping methods that work excellently.

Through the support group, men with diverse backgrounds and health histories get the support needed to live healthier and better lives. The level of success achieved with this group is attributed to the experience of peer specialists overseeing the program. They have seen other participants overcome related situations and many of them have received the support they needed to succeed. This makes it more relatable to help those who experience similar issues.

Other advantages of joining this men’s support group include being educated on how to apply self-care tips by focusing on developing a positive mindset, on purpose. Overall, you will learn how to organize daily activities centered on healthcare so every day brings you closer to regaining good health, strength, and complete control of your life.

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