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Double Trouble in Recovery (DTR)

DC Recovery’s DTR Program for those diagnosed with psychiatric problems and substance addictions. The goal of this special workshop is to teach participants self-help techniques while on the path to recovery. The platform allows participants to freely talk about their psychiatric issues, medications, and substance abuse issues.

This program’s 12-step approach addresses many problems encountered by people who have more challenges due to addiction and mental health problems. Evidence shows that much success has been achieved with DTR programs because the platform help participants fully recover after understanding their problems, weaknesses, and accepting the self-care methods presented during the program.

DC Recovery’s DTR Program is non-judgmental where everyone’s experiences are treated essential and are addressed. The support coaches understand the need to bond with the participants without bias in hopes of guiding them to a narrow path of recovery until they can find inner peace and the beginning of a healthy life free from mental problems or addiction.

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