Covid-19: Time Out / Covid-19: Time Out

Covid-19: Time Out

This is a unique support group organized to help recovering partipants who struggle with problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The support group is coordinated by peer coaches and specialists trained to offer participants a platform to share their challenges and learn better coping methods.

Please join our open forum to get all the support you need to become healthy and strong again. We have created a platform to allow everyone struggling with challenges to get emotional and peer support and hear survival stories shared by participants. DC Recovery workshop leads have first-hand experience working with life’s struggles before, during, and after full recovery. This means we understand what it takes to support, follow-up and guide all participants.

Highlights of the support group are:

  • Learning the essential information to help participants cope with today’s challenges like Covid-19.
  • We share experiences and support each other by offering a safe space for communicating without judgment or bias.
  • All experiences and views shared in the support group are important and held confidential.
  • All participants have an equal opportunity to share experiences and ask questions.

This workshop also provides access to helpful tips and professional community resources and support.

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