Don’t forget the families.

Families need recovery too. We understand the difficulties family members experience when they need to show support, strength, offer hope, and love to those who need addiction treatment. Anyone can give up and feel there is no hope for their loved one or feel that they cannot provide the support to the loved one who has substance use disorders. Even the strongest can feel the pressure of giving up. This is why family support groups and counseling are essential.

DC Recovery educates, counsels, and coaches family members on how to cope and remain healthy during an addiction crisis because addiction does not only affect the client, but the client’s support system: family and friends. Our family support program provides a platform for asking questions, expressing concerns, and getting information needed to remain healthy and stable before, during, and after the client has completed treatment.

Family members are not alone in their struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with the client. At DC Recovery, participants meet with other families who are in similar situations. They interact, share experiences and encourages one another because they have hope that the client will reach full recovery.

Your financial support will help us continue the vital backing we provide to the families of addiction victims.

The families must tell their story too and we are here to listen.

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