How Do We Do It?

Peer Support. Proper Care. Pure Patience.

DC Recovery coordinates provides recovery support services to clients and their families coping with the pressures of addiction and treatment recovery. Our non-clinical range of services includes coaching, counseling, social support, and comprehensive assessments to identify the most suitable treatment program for our client.

We have created a thorough support model to ensure that clients and their families have access to our services before, during, and after treatment – every step of the way. We have a successful track record and we look forward to helping those who have not received treatment, those who are currently in a treatment program, and to help those who have completed treatment to avoid relapse. The families involved are also guided on the best approaches to support the recovered patient.

Our extensive communications with the client after treatment includes physical checkups, phone calls, email correspondence, and peer recovery support groups.


Our Premier Coaches & Peer Recovery Support Specialists — The Best of the Best!

We have created a care team of qualified professionals with real-life experiences in long-term recovery. These are the specialists who coach our clients through the healing journey with peer support sessions and one-on-one counseling before, during, and after treatment. We share our experiences and subsequently encourage the clients to do the same in order to spread hope and promote resilience. The support sessions educate on personal growth approaches, wellness tips, and promote positivity.

The role of peer support specialists

Here is the valuable role of DC Recovery’s peer support specialists:

⦁ Provide support and guidance to identify and establish personal goals during recovery programs
⦁ Propose alternatives to bad habits that compromise progress during treatment
⦁ Facilitate and lead the peer support sessions
⦁ Provide the tools for clients to overcome particular challenges
⦁ Enable clients to leverage personal proficiencies and skills before, during, and after the treatment program completion

Our Continuum of Care Process

Over the years, we have identified three factors that improve the chances of a client’s long-term recovery. They are:

⦁ The consistent support from family and friends. We have an extensive family support model to assist the client’s family and friends on how to maintain good health while supporting the client through the treatment program. Our family support also includes guidance on how to maintain mental peace and good mental health during the treatment process.
⦁ Completing the entire treatment program. DC Recovery’s peer coaches know what it takes to complete treatment programs. We have been there and therefore educating the client on what works.
⦁ Continuum of care. It takes a professional village to provide a full circle comprehensive treatment program focused on long-term recovery. All professionals in this circle are like fingers on a hand, working in concert with a client-centric approach.
If you are a family member of an addiction victim or the victim, your support system is only a phone call away.
Try Us. Do not hesitate to give our caring support team a chance to help you. Call (202) 776-0645.

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